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Apple care sucks, but the Mac is growing on me…

Is this my Macintosh of old?

the butterfly key is in the same place…….Finder etc.  There is no slot for my 2.5 in floppies?  no problem.

Love the magnetic power cord.

isight camera is pretty cool

I will probably try VMware fusion to run XP?

So what happened with apple care.

I put in my code, and it worked….  must have been the lag time between getting the code and the time it was activated?  or maybe someone at apple read my blog?  anyway my quicktime pro now works, thank you apple.

For dentists, using a MacBook to create content………….probably a good idea, especially if you can run windows from within, then it is almost a no brainer….

Posted by: something2chewon | August 16, 2007

Apple care sucks

Although I am learning the Mac (again)  tonight I discovered a large black hole that is apple customer care.   Hoping to integrate my Sony MPG files into a keynote presentation I purchased an activation key online for quicktime pro………..

I received my activation key.

I entered my activation key……………. INVALID.

The last time I felt like this was when my Newton attempted to recognize hand writing InVlad.

Not only that but when I tried the web site it was a series of endless loops, minefields and barbed wire forcing me into the weir that is automated support.  I needed a body! someone to talk to, to let them know that I just gave apple thirty bucks for a key that did not work.  There is no automated support for that.

No one will hear my cries…………….Apple care is a void….I’m out 30 bucks.

So far I like my Mac but like so many other good products you deliver then abandon.


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Ultreo part Deux

My wife and I have been using the Ultreo for a week now, and I have to say it works……….well it just works.

My intuition tells me the sonic action from other brushes must be short lived.  (even the sonic action of the ultreo bristles must fade)  If you think about it beating back and forth that fast has to take its toll on the fiber, I can see no way to create a consistent sonic action, from nylon bristles.   Here is where the orange nubbin on the Ultreo comes into play.  It IS generating a sonic action, and consistently for two minutes.   It may be the closest thing to intraoral sterilization we have seen.

More long term later…


Posted by: something2chewon | August 10, 2007

Gnomedex is fantastic!

If you are a dentist and you are looking at this blog, please please please broaden your technology input, join a tech blog, you can start with   and just branch out from there.  Download some podcasts,  imagine how you could use this technology to inform your patients, share information with other docs in your area.

Gnomedex has inspired me, I will probably take this from a hobby to something else?  hopefully you will know about it soon…..

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Spent some time this afternoon checking out Ultreo. I was fortunate enough to have some history with the founders of Sonicare when I was going to the U of W. Some of the same folks that made Sonicare made this little gem. I know the research that went into Sonicare, and The Ultreo seems to be ultrasound brush 2.0. I have yet to try it, but the technology looks valid, and with a little time, a little more research, maybe a CRA Eval? it should take off. As a dentist dealing with disease every day we look for tools to better combat it. I really don’t care about bells and whistles like pacers, timers, and lights. I want something for my patients that is durable, simple, valuable, and just works. I’m betting the Ultreo is a more effective tool for disease control, even though it may not have the marketing fluff of the competition. Thanks to Sharen, Bruce, and the other folks at Ultreo for letting me hang out for awhile, and showing me the facility. See you in Port Angeles sometime, I’m looking foreword to talking with a sales rep. (I don’t say or even think that statement often)

I’m going to use the brush tonight, (after it’s done charging) as with Sonicare there is bound to be a learning curve.  I tell my patients with sonic brushes, always use lots of liquid!  sonics don’t work in air.  We’ll see how messy I can make the mirror.

Posted by: something2chewon | July 22, 2007

iTero…………………Star Trek Stuff?

I was lucky to have a classmate of mine demo the iTero digital prep scanner, digital impression system, whatever you want to call it it’s pretty neat. Mike Gile was nice enough to be on video for me, and he gave an excellent demo INCLUDING what he thinks are the drawbacks of the system. I was impressed (no puns please) the scanner is huge, I thought it would be impractical for patients…..but Mike says it really isn’t a big deal because you can have the patient rest against it (it has a disposable sleeve covering the tip). A series of scans is taken, the information is transmitted via 802.11 to a PC that sends the info via the net to a milling lab that mills models out of resin and sends those to your lab for crowns.

My immediate thoughts were 1. no impression errors due to inconsistent materials 2. no modeling errors due to moisture, bad pour, bad stone, shrinkage. 3. no crown errors due to stone wear during fabrication.

I am always skeptical with first gen technology, but this concept has the potential to eliminate LOTS of potential error that has plagued me in the past. (ever have those crowns just not fit certain times of the year) It is a really cool concept, and it leaves the operator with more control.

An intra oral camera in the wand would be a nice feature someday, but then someday we’ll just wave a wand over the patients tooth, and a crown will magically appear (saw Harry Potter last night forgive me)

Thanks Mike, and the folks at the iTero booth nice product, If I sold impression material, and I was considering raising the price on said material I would be worried.

The videos say it all.


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I can’t believe it, out of the thousands of attendees to the PNDC this year not a one created a PNDC facebook group….

We dentists are certainly slow adopters I can’t believe how obvious this was, so I created a Dental conference group on facebook, I’m not taking any bets on how many members join the group? if any……….

Back in 1993 when I was using the pine editor, and had a few machines networked in the student lounge I was begging everyone to sign up to the new technology called E-mail. This is the same stuff, it is just as significant, and the more people sign up the easier it will be to find a group for cocktails………..

Seriously, I am almost embarrassed for my profession, I know the tech bubble bursting soured many on “net things” web 2.0 has changed though, tools we need are being built, they can help us in this profession immensely. I am even motivated enough to speak on new web technology, and web 2.0………… could be fun.

PS if you are a dentist in Seattle, and you have a facebook account….. if you join the PNDC group I would be happy, and yes I would buy you a drink.



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CRC and James Cosgrove

James..Talked a bit with James Cosgrove the CEO of Computer resource corporation, sounds like a neat service. I have tons of ideas that I just don’t have time for to integrate into my practice, I want a webcam for the view from my office, I want to integrate some apps and improve communications in the office. I think they can help, they claim to have installed an enterprise 2007 server system in an office, so I think they would be up the the smattering of tech tasks that I have in my office.

I just had a brainstorm, I need to start a PNDC facebook group? think some other dentist has done it already? we shall see….

Back on topic, CRC does those menial tech tasks you have been meaning to do, make printers compatable, upgrade your server, improve your backup systems etc, etc. They’re going to call me, I want to talk with them.

their information is


James Cosgrove

(206) 441-5042

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dsc00301.jpgI’m looking for a panorex, I don’t have a lot of room anymore because I turned the room for my pano into an operatory. Enter Gendex I have 5 gendex 770’s and I love them, they have never failed me and continue to take a beating and to provide excellent results. I looked toward Gendex for my pano needs and they didn’t dissapoint. considering size, and value the orthalix 8500 should be an excellent choice (plus it integrates with dexis……slam dunk) More information later.

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First meeting with Todd H

Fellowship with other dentists may be the primary reason to attend a conference, learning aside (I purchased the recorded CD rom so information exchange and dialog in lecture is almost mute) but the exchange with other professionals is enlightening, and rewarding. Sheesh, I’m really getting boring, but time spent talking with Todd is always worthwhile. Gnomedex will be something different, and I’m hoping just as rewarding.

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