Our office!

The above header is a shot I took from the back of our dental office in Port Angeles, if you think it is nice, you should see the office (designed by Charlie Smith) and the view out the front (of the Olympic Mountains)

We are at

1111 Columbia St.

Port Angeles, WA 98362

(360) 457-3183



  1. Hi Dr. Birch,

    This is JD Huleen, your Ultreo, Ultrasound Toothbrush rep. I am so excited about your interview with Chris.
    I look forward to getting out to your beautiful office and performing a lunch and learn.

    Please call me at 206-601-2701 or email at jd.huleen@ultreo.com

    Have a fantastic day!

    JD Huleen

  2. Please could you tell me is it possible to obtain your Dr. John`s Herbal Candy in the United Kingdom? I am interested in purchasing some for my
    Many thanks

    Please reply

  3. I sure hope so.

    Dr Anderson can probably have them shipped to you. I don’t know of a retail outlet, but if you query Dr Anderson he may be able to help.


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