Posted by: something2chewon | September 22, 2008

Mouth goo, and VIOGUARD.

I’m in peoples mouth goo all day.  Yeah I know that sounds gross,  infection control is important we do a ton of it every day.  I employ a full time person just to wrap/unwrap sterilize our stuff all day long.  As hard as I try I know the keyboards in the office have seen their fair share of pathogens, and there really isn’t a perfect way to disinfect a keyboard,…………until now.

Vioguard launched today,  I’ve been privy to the creation of this product from its inception, and I’ve been waiting to blog about it for a long time.   Please allow me this luxury,  I’m a dentist, (yes I’m a geek, but being a dentist is my full time gig, and my profession)  we dentists don’t get to cover the launch of very many tech products, really this is new territory for me, so I’m kind of excited.

Back to the product.

Vioguard uses a touchless sensor to activate a cleaning cycle,  the keyboard then retracts into the germ chamber of doom, and a UV light disinfects the surface.   After a short period of time it comes back out sans germs.    Between 20 seconds to 6 minutes the keyboard is disinfected much much faster than wet disinfectants which usually have to be in contact with a surface for 15 min to be effective.

Soon to be in hospitals everywhere.  (dental offices too I hope)

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