Posted by: something2chewon | December 6, 2007

Interview on KONP

I will be doing a healthtalk interview on January 5th talking about oral health as we grow older, and the difficulties, solutions thereof!

I thought I would use this blog to collect my thoughts, so stay tuned!

First up

some tools for when we get older, or are just getting more cavities.

American Dental Associations link to a new publication called Oral Longevity.

Great publication for the folks like my mom and dad who are retired, and need to think about their long term health.

C3 Jian lollipops

New CANDY, yes a dentist suggests candy for fighting cavities, the link below is a paper on a pretty cool little sucker.

above is the home page

Xylitol gum

Trident, and a slew of other gum makers are sweetening their gums with this.
it can help fight decay.

A new product for dry mouth flavored with xylitol

Stoppers 4 (found at Walgreen’s)

Some tricks to help you take care of your mouth

loop your floss, it’s easier to control if you can’t wrap it around your fingers tie the ends together so it forms a loop.

Use an electric tooth brush, and keep the head fresh

wash the heads in the dishwasher sometimes, once or twice a month. keeps bacterial growth down.

use xylitol gum

use fluoride toothpaste

brush or scrape your tongue

minimize acid attacks during the day by minimizing complex sugar intake and incidents.

Floss, or toothpicks, or floss aids.

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