Posted by: something2chewon | September 6, 2007

Everett Burkhart

Everett Burkhart

Son of William Burkhart, founder of Burkhart dental, and once president of the company has passed away. When I first moved to Port Angeles, purchased my practice from W. Alvin Gross I was treated to beers, and good times on Alvin’s boat while Everett would be poking around and fixing things. All being Washington husky fans we would listen to the games, and talk fishing or whatever. While much younger, I always felt I was in the presence of giants, especially the way Everett could fix things, and the way Alvin could skipper his boat. Everett, and Alvin were good friends, I’m sure Al misses him very much, I’ll have to have a beer for him, salute life, go boating, and fix my own dental equipment in his honor (for a bit anyway)

Thank you Everett, for making me welcome in my new town, new practice, new era, and for giving me a new plateau to see things from.



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