Posted by: something2chewon | August 17, 2007

Apple care sucks, but the Mac is growing on me…

Is this my Macintosh of old?

the butterfly key is in the same place…….Finder etc.  There is no slot for my 2.5 in floppies?  no problem.

Love the magnetic power cord.

isight camera is pretty cool

I will probably try VMware fusion to run XP?

So what happened with apple care.

I put in my code, and it worked….  must have been the lag time between getting the code and the time it was activated?  or maybe someone at apple read my blog?  anyway my quicktime pro now works, thank you apple.

For dentists, using a MacBook to create content………….probably a good idea, especially if you can run windows from within, then it is almost a no brainer….


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