Posted by: something2chewon | August 16, 2007

Apple care sucks

Although I am learning the Mac (again)  tonight I discovered a large black hole that is apple customer care.   Hoping to integrate my Sony MPG files into a keynote presentation I purchased an activation key online for quicktime pro………..

I received my activation key.

I entered my activation key……………. INVALID.

The last time I felt like this was when my Newton attempted to recognize hand writing InVlad.

Not only that but when I tried the web site it was a series of endless loops, minefields and barbed wire forcing me into the weir that is automated support.  I needed a body! someone to talk to, to let them know that I just gave apple thirty bucks for a key that did not work.  There is no automated support for that.

No one will hear my cries…………….Apple care is a void….I’m out 30 bucks.

So far I like my Mac but like so many other good products you deliver then abandon.




  1. seriously? okay, so you didn’t purchase a windoze version by accident, did you? (i did that once…the pc key won’t work with mac QT, nor vice versa)

  2. here’s the applecare phone number


    does that help?

  3. Could be Weave, Thanks Jason, I’m on hold right now with apple. My point is that somehow my problems fall outside the 90% of folks that can be helped with automated support. My wait time is 15 min………….


    press 3

    press 2
    press 5


    I’ll transfer you…….

  4. just smoke a joint while waiting for them to get to you and watch all the get a mac ads. and see if everything still seems like they say it is several years into a mac ass

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