Posted by: something2chewon | August 9, 2007



Spent some time this afternoon checking out Ultreo. I was fortunate enough to have some history with the founders of Sonicare when I was going to the U of W. Some of the same folks that made Sonicare made this little gem. I know the research that went into Sonicare, and The Ultreo seems to be ultrasound brush 2.0. I have yet to try it, but the technology looks valid, and with a little time, a little more research, maybe a CRA Eval? it should take off. As a dentist dealing with disease every day we look for tools to better combat it. I really don’t care about bells and whistles like pacers, timers, and lights. I want something for my patients that is durable, simple, valuable, and just works. I’m betting the Ultreo is a more effective tool for disease control, even though it may not have the marketing fluff of the competition. Thanks to Sharen, Bruce, and the other folks at Ultreo for letting me hang out for awhile, and showing me the facility. See you in Port Angeles sometime, I’m looking foreword to talking with a sales rep. (I don’t say or even think that statement often)

I’m going to use the brush tonight, (after it’s done charging) as with Sonicare there is bound to be a learning curve.  I tell my patients with sonic brushes, always use lots of liquid!  sonics don’t work in air.  We’ll see how messy I can make the mirror.


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