Posted by: something2chewon | July 22, 2007

iTero…………………Star Trek Stuff?

I was lucky to have a classmate of mine demo the iTero digital prep scanner, digital impression system, whatever you want to call it it’s pretty neat. Mike Gile was nice enough to be on video for me, and he gave an excellent demo INCLUDING what he thinks are the drawbacks of the system. I was impressed (no puns please) the scanner is huge, I thought it would be impractical for patients…..but Mike says it really isn’t a big deal because you can have the patient rest against it (it has a disposable sleeve covering the tip). A series of scans is taken, the information is transmitted via 802.11 to a PC that sends the info via the net to a milling lab that mills models out of resin and sends those to your lab for crowns.

My immediate thoughts were 1. no impression errors due to inconsistent materials 2. no modeling errors due to moisture, bad pour, bad stone, shrinkage. 3. no crown errors due to stone wear during fabrication.

I am always skeptical with first gen technology, but this concept has the potential to eliminate LOTS of potential error that has plagued me in the past. (ever have those crowns just not fit certain times of the year) It is a really cool concept, and it leaves the operator with more control.

An intra oral camera in the wand would be a nice feature someday, but then someday we’ll just wave a wand over the patients tooth, and a crown will magically appear (saw Harry Potter last night forgive me)

Thanks Mike, and the folks at the iTero booth nice product, If I sold impression material, and I was considering raising the price on said material I would be worried.

The videos say it all.




  1. Thanks for visiting our booth at the 2007 PNDC! Let us know if we can answer any questions.

    Jeff 509-209-6919

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