Posted by: something2chewon | July 20, 2007


I can’t believe it, out of the thousands of attendees to the PNDC this year not a one created a PNDC facebook group….

We dentists are certainly slow adopters I can’t believe how obvious this was, so I created a Dental conference group on facebook, I’m not taking any bets on how many members join the group? if any……….

Back in 1993 when I was using the pine editor, and had a few machines networked in the student lounge I was begging everyone to sign up to the new technology called E-mail. This is the same stuff, it is just as significant, and the more people sign up the easier it will be to find a group for cocktails………..

Seriously, I am almost embarrassed for my profession, I know the tech bubble bursting soured many on “net things” web 2.0 has changed though, tools we need are being built, they can help us in this profession immensely. I am even motivated enough to speak on new web technology, and web 2.0………… could be fun.

PS if you are a dentist in Seattle, and you have a facebook account….. if you join the PNDC group I would be happy, and yes I would buy you a drink.





  1. Thought you might enjoy a recent post on my blog — “is your dentist on Facebook?” 🙂

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