Posted by: something2chewon | July 19, 2007

CRC and James Cosgrove

James..Talked a bit with James Cosgrove the CEO of Computer resource corporation, sounds like a neat service. I have tons of ideas that I just don’t have time for to integrate into my practice, I want a webcam for the view from my office, I want to integrate some apps and improve communications in the office. I think they can help, they claim to have installed an enterprise 2007 server system in an office, so I think they would be up the the smattering of tech tasks that I have in my office.

I just had a brainstorm, I need to start a PNDC facebook group? think some other dentist has done it already? we shall see….

Back on topic, CRC does those menial tech tasks you have been meaning to do, make printers compatable, upgrade your server, improve your backup systems etc, etc. They’re going to call me, I want to talk with them.

their information is


James Cosgrove

(206) 441-5042


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