Posted by: something2chewon | July 18, 2007

What’s a dentist gotta do?

  Ok this is a rant………rant warning.   For two years I have been trying to get press for my office.  I was lucky enough to find a jewel of a piece of property, and we built a jewel of an office on said property.  Do you think any dental journals are interested?  any dental companies, or my supplier? that I spend 20-30k a year in supplies with?  I was the prudent dentist, and I was frugal with my equipment purchases………I HAD to be, at the time the office expense could have ruined me, and the facility had to be special, the property was one of a kind, if the office didn’t reflect the property it just would have been a travesty.  So I didn’t drop 200k on equipment, and now I feel like the bastard step child.  Everyone that comes into the office is taken aback at how well it functions, and how aesthetic it is.  I continue to be amazed at what a beautiful setting I am able to practice in, and we still get snubbed by the dental press.   Gratitude  can’t begin to describe how lucky I feel working in a place like this, but it was a skilled team that made it possible, specifically Charlie Smith of Lindberg and Smith Architects.  Charlie is amazing, if you just let him go he can create beautiful structures.  It is this point I want to impress on other dentists that may be facing the same decision  I was two years ago.  I didn’t want the green and purple dark wooded office or the light modern structure that I could look in any free dental publication to find,  no fish tanks…….

I wanted something coastal, clean, and a reflection of the environment around the structure.  A respite for patients, not a bank or a hospital.

So if there is one bit of advice I would give a dentist thinking about building, it would be to research your architect,  visit a lot of buildings they have built, ask questions of their clients, and contractors (especially the framer, they will know if the architect makes their job easy or hard)  and if you find a good one that will work with your vision pay them a lot, and create something not just beautiful or functional, but special, dental industry be damned.   Most consultants over charge for very little in return.

Enough rant, I have to get back to figuring out how to get my staff to the PNDC Thursday……………………yikes.

PS if you are an editor for Coastal living, or Sunset there is a dental office on the bluff in Port Angeles with a view of Victoria BC, and the San Juan islands,  oh yes the other windows face the Olympic mountains…… was build by an artist of an architect and has become dental shangri la for the dentist that works there, and the patients seen there.  Inside on display are original art pieces by local artists, the basement is an apartment and meeting room with a kitchen.  If you ever want a cool story about life on the coast this is a nugget of gold.


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