Posted by: something2chewon | July 5, 2007

Pacific Northwest Dental Conference

I am bringing my staff, and recruiting them as journalists……(should be fun!) they will each find something they like, that would help the practice, and review it, the booth, the staff there….  I will give my impression of the conference overall, as most of the dentists in the northwest already know the PNWDC has gone downhill.  Ever since it was shunned by the ADA way back when I was in dental school it seems to have gotten boring and stale.  Revenues continue to climb, but the fees for member dentists to attend are becoming ridiculous.   After going to the Vancouver BC conference I think the PNWDC has some serious compeition.  We shall see…



  1. Dear Dr.’s and Dr. Assistants
    How many crowns a month are you removing from your patients? Do you give them back to the patient or do you keep them?
    Don’t trust the mail in companies. We’ve heard countless stories of how dentists send in their scrap material and receive nothing back!
    Gold and Silver Traders is locally owned and operated. We will send a representative to your office, give you a receipt for your material and then process and pay you for your material within 3 days!
    Give us a call for more information: 888-808-3238
    Tina Thress

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