Posted by: something2chewon | May 24, 2007

Blackberry 8830 Initial impressions

Just a first glance at my new blackberry 8830 worldphone from Verizon….. I was going to hold out for iphone…. I used to have a Newton, and Verizon made me a deal. I still feel dirty. So far though this is a pretty sweet gadget, I really like the minitrackball it’s easy on my thumb, but others I let try it have a hard time especially if your hands are moist, mine are like sandpaper, the trackball works great for me. Ok dentists out there, this all started after an enormous bill after my sisters wedding, it seems all our calls to check to see who was where racked up huge where are you now roaming charges….. I thought my plan covered that, it USED to cover that how did it change?

So now I find myself with this 8830 a replacement for the V710 that I HATE (bluetooth hobbled piece of junk)

we’ll see if this Blackberry is any better, after the honeymoon is over of course…

This is my first attempt to share information this way, it’s ok to slam me, I make no money blogging, nor do I want to, I’m a dentist, not a journalist, I do this for fun.



  1. This video sucked, disconnected, and broken up, need to see more of the phone……

  2. i dont know wat you are tying to say is it the phine or the company that you are complainin about i just switched to verizion myself dont know wha an i phone is though so get back to me i woud like to know more since it seems to be you are a comsumer like myself

  3. For a Dentist, I think you did a brilliant job with this video! I notice you visit – keep it up, and keep blogging…

  4. Hey man, I enjoyed your entire video. It wasn’t the best review (Haha, I like watching CNET reviews because the memorize everything then blurt it all out within 30 seconds) and it certainly wasn’t the worst. I like to see a lot of the phone and the menus.

    I would offer some tips or something but I am only really experienced in Windows Mobile 5/6 Operating System and am interested in getting a BlackBerry myself, so I’ll have to cross that bridge when it gets there.

    Do you know how much Verizon offers for this phone retail price? Because I am not due for an upgrade and will have to buy retail 😦

    -Joseph L

  5. Thanks all, this was really a shot in the dark, just to see if I could do something like this. The real benefit that I didn’t even consider is HOW to take off the damn battery door. Blackberry didn’t do a very good job explaining how to take off the door, I posted the explanation on the crackberry site. Joseph, they run about $500 retail, give or take. I was seriously considering the iphone, I may STILL go iphone, Verizon has already hobbled the GPS (rumors they will require pay for service) I still don’t know how fluid the data transfer is via bluetooth. I should do a pro/con so far for this phone. Yep, that’ll be next. Thanks again for not slamming me so far, one never knows?

  6. Joseph, if the difference is about $200 between waiting a month for the iphone, (which we know will not be hobbled in any way at least for now) and paying $500+ for this 8830, I think I would wait. The iphone promises to be everything I have been looking for in a phone, less the touch screen? I don’t know if I will like that as an all in one interface?
    I do really like the trackball, and the keyboard works for me, I have had guys with big fingers have a hard time with it, but it works for me.


  7. Thanks for the video. Trying to decide between Verizon and Sprint’s version of this. We get really good reception with Verizon here, but they disabled the GPS on their World Edition, whereas Sprint has GPS. Go figure. I want to use it alot to play shows I’ve downloaded on my laptop to watch later on that day on the 8830 (when I’m bored). The video player seems to take up almost all of the screen. Very nice looking as well. Are you pleased with the QWERTY so far? Other than that and regular phone usage, I am into checking email/internet everyday and listening to an occasional mp3 from a memory card. Does this meet those needs in your opinion. Too bad there’s no WiFi. Greg, the iPhone has been out a week now and I’m not sold on it. A mega tech friend of mine says the interface is cool, but it’s based on “not the latest” technology. Plus, it’s a first generation device. There’s bound to be issues. Blackberry has been around and I really like the looks of this phone, but probably will go with Sprint’s sexy black 8830 with GPS. Thanks again for giving everyone a really good view of its size and the screen.


  8. I am reading on AT&T’s site that the video file size limit is 5MB. Do you know if that is in fact true? I want to be able to record a TV show on my laptop then watch it later on the 8800/8830, and it will surely be bigger than 5MB. Thanks-


  9. Awesome job on the video. it was authentic.

    thanks for letting in on your opinion about the phone!

  10. Yikes sorry I’m so late on Adron’s comment, the 8830 takes a micro SD card mine has a 1GB enough to hold a Tv show, but I’ not sure if the phone will play one without the jitters. I’ll have to download one and try it.

  11. Many thanks for the video…I found this page via Google after running into terrible trouble removing the cover of my brand new 8800. I really appreciated the video, though I will have to confess I did watch you removing the back about 5 or 6 times before I was successful.

  12. Sweet Vincent thanks, I need to make a new post called the Birch method for battery door removal…

    Rim should include this in their instructions!

    glad to help spread the blackberry joy.


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